【 カレンダー 】

【 一日の流れ 】

Dr. Montessori emphasized the importance of having an uninterrupted 3-hour work period for children, and we follow her methods at Terra Montessori School.


Daily Schedule

【 入園のご案内 】

We are open during summer, and our new school year starts in September.  




We accept potty-trained children aged between      
2 1/2 and 3 1/2 as it is important to build a strong foundation in the Practical Life area. 

原則的にはトイレ・トレーニングを修了した2歳半から3歳半のお子様を受け入れています。詳しくは「READ MORE」をご覧ください。

Hatano Family Child Care Home CA License No. 197419560

Terra Montessori School is a family child care home (daycare) providing quality Montessori education primarily in Japanese. 

Our mission is to nurture genuine kindness and compassion in children, as well as their abilities to think, discern, and take action. 

We try to cultivate a broad view of the world by providing experiences that are culturally rich and diverse. 

"Terra" is a word for the "Earth" in Latin - hoping for each of our children to grow into a person with a global perspective.